Couch to 5K – Day 2 (15/05/17):

Hello everyone.

So today is day 2 of Couch to 5K. According to the app you are supposed to rest between runs, but I am someone who once I start something I have to keep going. So I am treating my rest days as indoor running. I therefore did the app inside, walking and running on the spot.

At first my back gave me some pain, but as I was indoors it wasn’t as much pressure on my back, so I was able to keep plodding on through the pain. I did however manage today to complete the whole of day one. Day one is five minute warm up walk, eight minutes of running with 90 second walks between 60 second runs and the five minute warm down walk. Of which I am feeling very proud.

At first it seemed indoors was easier (which admittedly it was, and probably more so as it was less impact on my back). The fact I managed to complete day one indoors when I couldn’t outdoors also shows indoors is easier. That said over the course of the day one guide the runs and walks did gradually get harder, especially the walking part. I also have to admit I missed being outside, so, looking forward to that tomorrow.

All in all day 2 could have gone a lot worse. I am proud I completed day 2 (and all of the day one guide on the app). I am proud I proceeded through both the back pain and muscle pain. I feel better from exercising, not just physically but mentally. It’s sometimes small achievements that can mean the most.

Kat. x


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