Couch to 5K – Day 3 (16/05/17):

Hello everyone.

Just got in from day 3 of Couch to 5K. I went outside for today’s run. The park in my boyfriend’s town is flat which is more helpful for beginners than where I live which is either too small an area or hilly. As we set off I wasn’t feeling enthusiastic because I was tired, the weather was damp and miserable, plus I still get anxious about people looking, commenting or generally being judgemental.

We set off on the five minute warm up walk. I was dreading this because the first day I did Couch to 5K my back started to really hurt halfway into the warm up walk. This made me nervous because I really wanted to complete today’s run outside. However, the good news is my back didn’t play up during the warm up walk. Starting to feel energised and ready I did the first 60 second run with ease. Feeling proud I had completed it when two days ago I couldn’t was great and so I continued with enthusiasm.

I got a quarter of the way when my legs started hurting – luckily not from my back, but from the fact they have not done so much exercise in a long time (muscle pain basically). Again I stopped briefly to stretch, but kept going. By half way my back was in a little pain, so the second half of the programme I took short breaks (only a minute or so). The 60 second runs became slower, but I still completed them. The last two were the hardest, but I persisted.

Most of the people we passed today (younger folk included) were less judgemental than I feared. There were a few people who stared (one old lady in particular). Whilst this can still be off putting and scary I’m finding my mentality is changing. I’m so focused on trying to do my best, be my best and getting fitter that my mentality is changing from ‘they are judging me, maybe I should turn back, go home’ to ‘yes I am a fat woman running, but at least I’m working hard to be a better me and I’m proud of my achievement(s) so far’. I can’t lie it still scares me and upsets me, people seeing me run, judging me, but it does get easier and in honesty the majority of people (from what I’ve seen) really couldn’t care less if you’re running, walking, naked pole dancing. Admittedly I always choose times to avoid teenagers, but the more confident I become the less of an issue I think this will be.

In short, today, I managed to complete day 3 (or day 2 if you count fully finishing the run) of Couch to 5K. Not only did I complete it again, but I completed it outside. Right now I am feeling incredibly proud of myself and surprised at how quickly my fitness levels have improved.

Kat. x


2 comments on “Couch to 5K – Day 3 (16/05/17):

    • Hey, I’m glad this has motivated you to try again. I must admit it is challenging. And it’s still difficult at times to face up to the anxiety of running outside but I’ve seen a huge change in my fitness in such a short time so hopefully keeping this up will see more! πŸ™‚ Good luck taking it up again, I have faith you can do it! Especially getting to week 3 and 4 before that’s good going! πŸ™‚ Kat x


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