Couch to 5K – Day 4 (17/05/17):

Hello everyone.

Today should have been a rest day which means I did the run indoors. It was so much easier than the last few days (which is a sign of progress) and the 30 minutes are starting to seem like 5 minutes.

I wasn’t feeling like the run today as I have been unwell all night. At first I was going to have today as the rest day the app keeps talking about. We have to travel back to our home city tonight for a concert so it seemed like a good time to rest, get up, take the day slowly, pack and go home. I however decided that I wanted to keep up the running and that even if I only made it half way through then it would be better than nothing. Also, as I am meeting a friend tomorrow and that will involve me walking around, I will use tomorrow as a rest day.

The run as I say was successful, I completed the whole thing, I wasn’t as out of breath as the first indoor run I completed. My legs still hurt a bit (muscles that is), but even that pain is becoming easier. The back pain is slowly becoming easier when I run. I ache a reasonable amount I guess from the change of no running to running, but it’s not unbearable and certainly isn’t dimming my enthusiasm to keep going.

I just have to work harder on the healthy eating now, I am getting better but there is still room for improvement. It’s just a case of getting ingredients, making meals, and finding easy and quick healthy meals for when my partner and I are either busy or feeling lazy. I have downloaded an app that goes alongside the Couch To 5K one and have my PCOS diet sheet with all the substitutes on. I’m feeling positive we’ll figure something out together.

Kat. x


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