Rest day update.

Hello everyone.

As I mentioned yesterday I am using today as my rest day because of how busy things are. I am meeting a friend after my partner has his interview, I also have to choose flowers, get some birthday shopping in and have a doctor’s appointment this evening. A busy but hopefully productive day.

That said I wanted to do an update and I also want to exercise today. I have decided that if I can get the old exercise bike working I may treat myself to a static cycle. Failing that I shall do a run inside this evening. I also wanted to give an update on fitness levels since they have improved dramatically in such a short time.

Yesterday evening I attended a concert, after we tried to find a place to eat (with very little success as our takeaway Subway showed). This food hunt took us up a ‘large’ hill. I hate hills at the best of times, but when hungry and achey I really hate hills. Still no way of escaping them in the city we are in. So we plodded on. I was however pleasantly surprised that I climbed it without being too out of puff, and in no pain (until the top). For me this shows my fitness levels are improving and that despite my negativity over dresses prior to the evening, the running is clearly paying off.

Hopefully I can get some form of exercise in tonight and back to Couch To 5K tomorrow.

Kat. x


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