Couch to 5K – Day 6 (20/05/17):

Hello everyone.

Again later than usual for my blog. The reason for this is that last night I took a sleeping tablet (prescribed by the doctor don’t worry); as a result today I woke up later than planned and very drowsy. In addition to this, I was busy all day putting together presents and surprises for a birthday, so needed to concentrate on that.

I have however managed to complete Day 6 of Couch To 5K. It was a little harder than I expected today. My back was hurting, but nothing a little walking on the spot leant over couldn’t help. The running was still as easy as yesterday. My only concern is that the last few days my left leg and ankle have been noticeably bigger than my right and the old pain I used to suffer from when I smoked has returned. I also noticed tonight my legs get a red rash when running. I’m not panicking too much as I expect with the right diet plan, exercise programme and now I am not smoking it will be a temporary blip (regards the pain). The swelling could be water retention, I haven’t been sleeping well and I’ve had a lot of sodium the last couple of days, hopefully with the right sleep pattern and diet that will resolve itself. I only pointed this out because I think it’s important to be aware of anything that could hinder you or may be something you need to investigate. I want you guys to know I keep an eye out for things that aren’t normal and therefore that should mean I am able to look after myself better. Now I am aware of the problem, I can monitor and speak to a doctor if necessary.

Back to running, diet and weight loss. The running as I say wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and the fact I’m barely out of puff shows a major improvement from last Sunday when I started and only sort of completed half way of the first run, before struggling to pretty much crawl home. I’m not saying it’s easy because it isn’t, especially mentally (and perhaps actually I should talk about that in a separate blog). Whilst physically I can see improvements, mentally it’s still a daily challenge, especially when some of my clothes are getting looser and others are tighter (how this even works is confusing). Some days you feel great you’re seeing improvements clothes wise and fitness, others you feel like crap because you had to stop, or you didn’t do as well as you liked, or those jeans are tighter.

Tonight is one of those nights for me. On the one hand I write this blog over the moon that my fitness levels have improved so much and reminding myself that is my primary goal to be fitter, so it’s working. On the other hand I sit here worrying and feeling down because this skirt is tighter on me, my leg is swollen, and I can’t get this diet part right. I know that right now with things that are happening in my life I should be cutting myself some slack and saying ‘okay so you haven’t done as well as you wanted, but you’ve done brilliant to what you thought you would’, but right now it isn’t that easy. So there’s that to today’s blog.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I’m realistic I know that running (almost everyday) won’t change the scales dramatically, especially as I haven’t worked in a ‘strict’ diet, but I’m hoping for at least the average of 2lbs. I know it’s not about weight (and with how well my fitness levels have improved I certainly won’t be too disappointed what the scales say), but it would be nice if my hard work, determination and fight against my own head led to some sort of weight loss progress also.

We’ll see tomorrow. I will keep you updated. Here’s to nearly finishing my first week of Couch To 5K and bring on week 2 Monday!

Kat. x


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