Trying something different.

Hello everyone.

Today was weigh in day. Having been running for all but one day, eating a relatively ‘normal’ diet (normal for the average person, not so great for those of us with PCOS), I expected to stay the same or to have lost a lb or two. My jeans are looser, tops are becoming a little looser, some clothes are tighter, but it all seemed to be heading in the right direction. According to my scales however, I have put on almost a stone. I’m quite upset and confused by this, but I’ve tried all day to remain focused and whilst out collecting a present I noticed how much fitter I have become and that again has given me some hope. My scales and weight may not have had a dramatic shift, but my fitness has. This week I’m starting healthier eating as well so hopefully combined together I should see progress.

Anyway I thought I’d try something new tonight and that was to put the app on but see how long I could manage to run without the walking in between. I managed 8.5 minutes but this was only because of my leg being in a lot of pain (feels like pins and needles at the same time as a pulled muscle). If my leg hadn’t been in so much pain I could have completed the 20 minutes probably without too many problems, too much pain and not so out of puff as I was a week ago. So despite paragraph one being so negative and me worrying over my leg and feeling down about the scales, I am proud of how week one has gone. I am noticeably fitter and for that I am happy. As my best friend told me today ‘keep going’.

Bring on week 2! More running outside, more hard work and starting a diet plan. I can do this!

Kat. x


2 comments on “Trying something different.

    • I like to think so. I need to see some improvement. No on a serious note I’m sure it is, which is good. As I say my fitness has definitely improved also. Thanks, I’m trying, which is all I can do. 🙂


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