Exercise update.

Hello everyone.

As you can see I’ve been absent since Monday. The boyfriend’s birthday was a huge success, however we then had a second cheat day the next day (naughty us). I think perhaps after all that’s been happening and how hard I’ve been working it probably did me some good to have a break. However I was then meant to get back on track on Thursday. This didn’t happen.

Friday I returned to work. My job whilst not necessarily the most taxing (i.e. I’m not some strong manual labourer who has to lift heavy objects up and down flights of stairs etc), does require me to be on my feet, walking around, lifting some heavy objects, cleaning and so on. I therefore classed my two work days as exercise.

Tonight I thought after being naughty and having a takeaway I had better do some form of exercise. Since I know Couch To 5K is going to be back to square one, hard work and it was getting late, I decided to do a cycle on my exercise bike. I used to cycle an hour a night at 34mph about two years ago. Now getting back into exercise I decided to take it steady. I set the settings higher than before but did half an hour to ease me in.

I found some of it hard, but generally it was a good pace, good time and I didn’t feel too taxed after. I can feel I’ve improved fitness wise (even walking up three lots of stairs at work has become easier), which is making me happy, despite my work trousers being tighter. Here’s to tomorrow whichever exercise I choose. I’ll keep you updated. May do another cycle, and on Tuesday (providing the weather is good) I’ll be going on an actual cycle ride.

Kat. x


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