Hello everyone.

I haven’t blogged in a while due to some family issues. However, I have been exercising. Some days I have done CouchTo5K and some I have done cycling. There have been some developments regarding my back pain and exercises, which I will discuss further during this blog. I will also discuss further my weight loss and clothes issues I was having previously.

Since my last blog I have seen my doctor and she thinks the back pain I suffer with is sciatica. The doctor has therefore suggested running on a low impact surface (like a treadmill or indoors), which is infuriating, but I am glad it hasn’t stopped me running. She has also suggested low impact sports, so my cycling is fine. I am also looking at taking up pilates classes and yoga poses for strengthening my back.

My fitness levels have depleted a little as I have had a few days break at a time, but not as badly as I feared and I am happy that my fitness levels are still better than before. My weight has probably stayed the same (especially since last weekend was my birthday). My clothes are still doing their weird thing of some fitting, some not, some fitting one day but not the next, but I am sure this will fix itself over time.

I am now looking at the PCOS diet sheet I was given by the NHS when I was diagnosed with PCOS and how I can make it work because that is the area I struggle with.

Anyway, I have rambled enough, I will keep you all updated, and when I start the CouchTo5K properly again (next week) I will again keep you updated.

Kat. x


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