Cycling update.

Hello everyone.

It’s been a couple of days since my last update. So I’m just checking in. I am still cycling. Did an hour last night and an hour today. I’m thinking of alternating between Couch To 5K and cycling. I am also in talks with a friend about joining the local pilates group. That is exciting for me as it’s something I used to do and hopefully will help my back pain.

I weighed myself Monday and according to the scales I have put on weight. This could be a combination of the monthly visit, muscle weight and/or water weight. I have been eating less and still exercising so I can’t understand it. I must admit it was a blow. That said I am remaining positive because I know that weight will come off and I am feeling fitter, I am feeling healthier and the exercise is helping (a little) with my mental health, so for all those benefits I am remaining positive, determined and motivated.

I am hoping to write another general blog about PCOS soon, it’s just been so busy. End of the month is when I said I will publish those blogs so keep and eye for a blog or two on Friday. I am also on Twitter if you want to follow me for some PCOS humour, fitness or blog updates. You can follow me through the button at the top of the site or at the link below.

Kat. x


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